Umberto’s First Week of School

The rumors are true: the children are REQUIRED to go barefoot at school. Really. Umberto loves this, and he does come home with less stinky feet. barefoot in uniform resized

He has made friends quickly, as he always does, and even ran into one friend at the Manawatu Harvest Festival at the local Science Museum, affectionately called the Te, that we went to yesterday. Out of all the amazing things on display and being workshopped yesterday at the festival the “bouncy house” was the biggest hit:

bouncy house resizedPlease note that he is representing WHO DAT?! here!

His teacher has already reported how noticeable it is that he is a bit smarter than your average bear. He is starting to do multiplication tables already! He will go on his first field trip this coming week both to the science and the art museums, and he has requested that we not tag along because it’s his first one and he wants to do it himself. (Year 3s have special days while the year 4s are off on a 3 day camping trip.) He is also starting to pick up the lingo; for example, Friday after school he wanted to have computer time “straight away” once we got home.

He has been hiking quite a distance with us on a regular basis: one day he made it about 10 miles without a melt down. He is even starting to understand that chores are a part of his life, but we’re not quite there in full yet. He does want to start earning allowance though, so we’re getting there. For example, he makes his bed every morning, and today he vacuumed and swept the flat. We walk about a mile to school everyday. We have gotten to know the neighborhood cat, who not only loves to watch the morning school traffic every day, but also really loves Umbe and runs to him every morning:

hood kitty resized

She really wants to cuddle with Tony, but that’s not going to happen. We had time on Saturday morning to stop and take pictures, rather than on a school morning, hence the absence of the uniform.

Finally, on Friday we had family night with sushi for dinner (that will be another post) and popcorn and Harry Potter 3. We even stopped for some hokey pokey ice cream on the way home (another post too). sushi eating resizedIt’s been quite easy to avoid soy here (again another post), so no allergy attacks or fears of it at all! He seems to be adjusting without a single blip. I’ll take the credit for that gene :).



6 responses to “Umberto’s First Week of School

  1. ggma says don’t forget those good Sledd/ Carusi brilliance genes rubbing off on Umbe. Rahna, I agree you do get lots of credit for being willing to put your career on hold until the settling in is accomplished. I am sure TONY and Umbe’s adjustment. Stay happy. Love ya,ll, Gma and Gpa

  2. Umberto…you look so happy and unaffected..Im so happy for you guys …all of you look like you’ve been
    In Nz forever.. Bev Pack it up lets get the hell outta ATL…lol

  3. Sooo glad you have this blog started. I have copied the lime story and the one about Umbe for Ggma.
    Love, Aunt Nancy

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